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12-Pack Plum Frozen Puree (mini cubes)

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Contain 12 x 0.5 oz cubes of frozen plum puree. 

Thaw desired number of cubes and serve alone or try adding to other foods like chicken, yogurt, oatmeal or mix and match with our other fruit and vegetable cubes to create unique meals.

These mini cubes are concentrated (nothing is added, not even water) and are 1/2 oz each.

Plums are very nutritious and suitable for all ages upon solid introductions (>6mo). As a bonus, they don't pose a high allergy risk. Plums are high in Vitamin C and are known for helping with constipation and digestive issues.  They are filled with dietary fiber, sorbitol and isatin and many other vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Fresh plums